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Updated 9/22/19

applefest parade update:

We have made the decision this morning that we will NOT be participating in the Applefest Parade today due to the weather!! In looking at the radar, it is looking to rain most of the day today and since our participants are all kids, and many are already battling colds from school starting, we've decided that it's not worth having them stand outside in the rain for over an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone, but we don't want to see anyone get sick!

Our Fall 2019 Session is OPEN for registration!! Check our Rec Classes page to see class times! Levels and Team 2019/2020 Competition Season Training schedule are also open and listed under the Team Training page!

We have Open Enrollment, which means you can enroll at any point within a session and only pay for the classes that are left!

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